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Pan-flashed skylight (CAP)

CAP fixed commercial skylight Our model CAP pan-flashed commercial skylight is built using a one piece welded aluminum and insulated curb that provides a sturdy leak-proof design.  It is installed directly to the roof deck for the quickest installation available.  It is ideal for all commercial and industrial applications.

Achieve energy savings with the VELUX CAP self flashed commercial skylight
The VELUX CAP self flashed commercial skylight provides high levels of visible light transmittance which has been shown to significantly reduce these energy costs through the benefits of daylighting. The payback from installing the CAP self flashed commercial skylight in commercial and industrial applications is typically less than three years.

Quality construction
VELUX manufacturers the highest quality commercial skylights in the industry. We extrude only high quality acrylic that does not yellow over time like competitor's skylights. The CAP self flashed commercial skylight also has an advanced weep system which minimizes condensation, and a full thermal break to maximize energy efficiency.

Commercial fall protection

The VELUX CAP and CM commercial acrylic or polycarbonate dome glazed skylights of certain size and construction have been tested by an independent third party to withstand the applied 200 lb load listed in OSHA 1910.23(e)(8)  The VELUX skylight type and size limits are CAP and CM units equal to or less than 6’ x 6’ or 4’ x 8’.

The VELUX construction limits are that these skylights need to be made with the following glazing variants:  04D (clear over clear acrylic), 04F (white over clear acrylic), 04I (clear polycarbonate over clear acrylic), and 04V (clear polycarbonate over white acrylic).   Any other glazing thickness, glazing variants, or sizes greater than those listed above for CAP and CM unit skylights are not covered by VELUX "OSHA Fall Protection Test Reports"

Fall protection Screens
Screens provide OSHA fall protection for flat roof commercial skylights.  The screen system provides fall protection without damaging your skylight.  A special retaining bar locks to the domed skylight unit at the corners thus keeping the screen from damaging the integrity of the skylight.

Skylights come in a wide range of glazing options to meet the aesthetics and the budgetary constraints of a project.  Not all VELUX skylights are designed and tested to withstand OSHA fall protection loads.  To reduce the risk of someone falling through a skylight, it is recommended that screens and safety railings always be used to ensure long term compliance with OSHA’s fall protections regulations. 
Fire rated for safety
The CAP commercial skylight is constructed on a welded aluminum curb with 1" of polyisocyanurate insulation that is fire rated for safety.

Glazing Options
The VELUX CAP pan-flashed skylight comes with your choice of:

  • Clear over clear acrylic - our most cost effective option with extremely high visible light transmittance
  • Clear over white acrylic - full light diffusal and high visible light transmittance
  • White over clear acrylic - full light diffusal and high visible light transmittance
  • Bronze over clear acrylic - dimmed lighting and lower visible light transmittance
  • Polycarbonate over clear acrylic - improved fire and impact resistance with extremely high visible light transmittance
  • Polycarbonate over white acrylic - improved fire and impact resistance with full light diffusal and high visible light transmittance

Wide range of options and features

  • Curb height options - The standard curb height for the CAP skylight is 9". Curb heights of 4", 6", 12", and 16" are also available.
  • Custom color options - neutral gray.
  • Hip/Ridge and pyramid options - VELUX can manufacture domes in hip/ridge and pyramid shapes
Hip/Ridge Pyramid CAP fixed commercial skylight Hip/Ridge Pyramid CAP fixed commercial skylight

Easiest installation available
The VELUX CAP pan-flashed commercial skylight installs directly to the roof deck for the quickest easiest installation available. Additionally a termination bar is available to provide a clean, leakproof seal off point for most roofing materials.

Warranties you can trust
We stand behind our products with a promise of lasting service. Our warranty covers 10 years on the acrylic color and 5 years on the skylight. For details, download our warranty brochure.

Wide range of custom sizes available
CAP commercial skylights are made to order just the way you want them. VELUX can manufacture custom sizes at any size between 14" x 14" and 102" x 150" in 1/4" increments. Call us at 1-888-878-3589 for more details or consult your local VELUX dealer for pricing. Typical lead time is 15 days including shipping.

The skylight shall be an acrylic domed skylight, VELUX model CAP, manufactured by VELUX America, 450 Old Brickyard Road, Greenwood, SC 29648, 888-878-3589. The skylight shall a factory-assembled, self flashed unit built using a one-piece aluminum curb with three seamless vertical corners providing a leak-proof design. It shall include an polyisocyanurate insulated curb, fire rated for safety, complete with a full polyurethane thermal break and weep system to minimize condensation. The skylight shall be double domed with [clear acrylic] [bronze acrylic] [white acrylic] [polycarbonate] over [clear] [white] acrylic.