Translucent Wall

Superior Light Transmission, High Impact Resistance, and Low U-Values, All at an Affordable Price

Incorporate more daylight with complete control over light transmission with the Horizon V-Series LumiWall. Engineered with tongue-and-groove polycarbonate panels, a dry glaze system and no exposed fasteners, the LumiWall is both attractive and lightweight for an easy installation. Incorporating superior U-Value, light transmission, SHGC and impact resistance over alternative fiberglass-reinforced panels, this beautiful translucent wall system is built to last.
Cassandra Voss Center,  De Pere, WI - Horizon Vertical Polycarbonate

Vertical Daylighting System

The Horizon V-Series LumiWall is lightweight, interlocking tongue-and-groove panel translucent wall system has large span capabilities, easy installation and requires no UV maintenance.