Low Profile

Great for streamlined silhouettes.

For smaller framed glass units, the Low Profile Skylights are engineered with a shorter, thinner curb to provide a crisp, narrow roofline silhouette. Low Profile Skylights are designed to sit closer to a building's roof surface, offering both a stylistic and utilitarian daylighting benefits.

LPGS-HU, 7’10” x 38’4” canopy replacement. Glazing: 9/16” Clear H.S. Laminated with Polar White PVB inner layer. Finish: Kynar 500 Colonial White.
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  • Glazing Options
    Typical glazing is insulated glass comprised of a tempered outboard lite and an annealed or heat strengthened laminated safety glass inboard lite.

    Also available with hurricane resistant glass or translucent polycarbonate.