Smoke Vents

Innovative smoke vent skylights engineered to perform perfectly when needed most.

When it comes to protection from heat and smoke, our innovative smoke vent skylights are engineered to perform perfectly when needed the most.

Both economical and code-compliant, smoke vent skylights are designed to vent smoke from the interior of a building to the exterior, protecting a building and occupants from hazardous conditions and dangerous smoke inhalation. Investing in smoke vent skylights increases fire safety precautions and provides occupants with peace of mind in their working, learning and recovering environments.
Smoke vent - Mechanical


When smoke vents are required by code, VELUX offers a mechanical solution that exceeds the UL 793 Standard for automatically operated roof vents for smoke and heat.
VELUX Shrink-outs


Shrink-out smoke vents are gravity-operated acrylic double domes designed to automatically shrink and fall out in the event of a fire. Units are available with or without an ESFR-rated fusible link.