Commercial Skylights for Daylight, Natural Ventilation and Access

Skylights, polycarbonate domes, glass roof systems and custom structural glazing to suit any commercial application.

Daylighting through the roofs of commercial buildings provides benefits that no other light source can offer. With VELUX Commercial products, you can provide optimal light distribution at the building's core while minimizing glare and enhancing architectural design.

With a vast range of solutions for new-build and refurbishment projects, the commercial skylights range from VELUX Commercial offers ultimate flexibility for daylight and natural ventilation, smoke and heat exhaust ventilation and maintenance access.

VELUX Commercial’s team of technical specialists are ready to help you every step of the way from planning to design and installation of your commercial skylight project. Whatever the building type, roof configuration or performance requirement, our breadth of quality solutions, coupled with our technical expertise will help you deliver a sustainable and long-lasting daylight solution for your project.
Commercial skylights are versatile and functional elements that can help meet the daylight requirements of buildings and create healthier indoor climates to support the health and well-being of occupants. Commercial skylights offer:
  • Daylight - Increasing the amount of natural light in a building can cut energy costs and improve building performance and thermal comfort. It can also benefit building occupants and studies have shown that better daylight conditions can increase productivity, satisfaction and performance among workers for example.
  • Natural ventilation for comfort - Skylights can include natural ventilation that provides fresh air to improve the indoor climate and the comfort and health of occupants.
  • Smoke ventilation – Commercial skylights can also act as natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilation (NSHEV) systems in the event of a fire.
  • Roof access - Commercial skylights can provide discreet access to a building rooftop for maintenance purposes. Flat glass units, larger systems and structural glazing can be used for regular access to communal roof terraces.
  • Fall-through protection – As well as providing non-fragile systems to either CWCT or ACR, we also offer fall-through protection systems to help increase safety and reduce risks for people who need to access the rooftop for maintenance purposes.

Commercial skylight solutions

VELUX Commercial offers a wide range of skylight systems, providing solutions for both refurbishment and new-build projects, and every type of commercial building; from warehouses and manufacturing facilities to schools, offices and shopping centers.

Continuous Skylights

Whether your project demands standardized polycarbonate dome skylights for an existing flat roof, access hatches for maintenance of a roof top or large lightweight expanses for flooding warehousing with light, VELUX Commercial has a solution. Our single-unit systems are ideal for adding ventilation and providing roof access, while also providing natural light. 
For commercial and industrial applications where large expanses of natural light are required, our continuous skylight range is ideal.

High specification and custom skylight

In higher specification projects, our glass skylights and glazed roof systems are more suitable. Options include VELUX Modular Skylights which combine building performance and design flexibility with the convenience and simplicity of a prefabricated system.

Custom Skylights

VELUX Glazing Panels can be tailored to suit custom requirements and enable the creation of a wide range of skylights designs from flush installations in a pitched roof to pyramids on a flat roof.

Structural glazing systems provide the ultimate in terms of customization, with a fully made-to-measure approach.