4 Reasons to Replace, Repair, or Retrofit Commercial Skylights

Restore daylight for a safer, healthier space

Today’s skylights are engineered to resist snow, wind, dead loads, and impact from wind-borne debris. But when extreme weather meets older, outdated skylights, the damaging results can impact a skylight’s structural integrity and create risks for a building and its occupants.

Damaged skylights can likely be repaired, but skylight systems that have reached a certain age may need to be replaced or retrofitted for the sake of the roof and building. Repairing or replacing skylights with VELUX Commercial daylighting solutions offer a multitude of benefits for a building and its occupants.

Better Lighting

An improvement in lighting is one of the biggest potential benefits of skylight replacements. Older skylights can become foggy or yellowed with eroded and outdated materials that provide lackluster daylighting and experience fiber bloom issues.

VELUX Commercial’s replacement skylights provide superior materials that require little to no maintenance for long-term, beautiful daylighting performance.
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Safer Skylights

Commercial skylight replacements provide the opportunity to upgrade safety features and reinforce structural components. New glazing technology and innovations have allowed commercial skylights to be built tougher than their old counterparts, limiting issues from environmental damage to the glass and framing system. When it comes to protection from dangerous heat and smoke, VELUX Commercial offers Mechanical and Shrink-Out Smoke Vents that are both economical and code-compliant.

Additionally, VELUX Commercial Skylights are compatible with exterior safety screens for permanent or temporary fall protection. Safety should always be a top concern when it comes to repairing and replacing skylight structures.

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Improved Energy Efficiency

Well-designed daylighting can play a significant role in a building’s energy efficiency. New skylight glazings and technologies have helped commercial skylights become more energy efficient in recent years.

Commercial replacement skylights can help reduce heating demand and save energy, especially in the winter. Meanwhile, venting skylights and integrated skylight shade options can help guard against solar heat gain.

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Venting Capabilities

Because skylights are a part of a building’s thermal envelope, they require specific thermal transmittance values. Venting skylights, like those found in VELUX Commercial Modular Skylight Systems, open to allow fresh air to flow through a building.

Strategically replacing fixed skylights with venting modules can help achieve significantly better natural ventilation throughout a commercial space and lighten the load on HVAC systems.

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