Circular Domes

Brings Skylights Full Circle

These circular, curb-mounted domes have been updated to meet today’s expectations and specifications. With structural improvements like incorporating a vinyl curb and rolled aluminum retainers, Circular Units have reduced condensation and increased thermal performance compared to their earlier counterparts.

Most common applications:

  • Public education, healthcare, and office buildings
  • Hotel and conference centers
  • Retail and shopping malls

Key benefits:

  • Standard sizes for double or triple dome
  • Vinyl curb and rolled aluminum retainer
  • No weep holes
  • Available in multiple glazing and finish options

These double-dome circular curb-mount units have been updated to today’s specifications by incorporating our CS vinyl curb with a rolled aluminum retainer.
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Product Details

  • Sizes
    Double or Triple Dome Curb Mount Units Outside Dimension of Curb
    CC2/CC3–36 34”
    CC2/CC3–48 46”
    CC2/CC3–60 57”
    CC2/CC3–72 70”
    CC2/CC3–84 82”
    CC2/CC3–96 94”

  • Glazing Options

    Double Dome

    Outer Glazing Options
    Clear, 2412 Bronze, or White
    Inner Glazing Options
    Acrylic Clear, White

    Triple Dome

    Outer Glazing Options
    Acrylic Clear, 2412 Bronze, or White
    Center Glazing Options
    Acrylic Clear or White
    Inner Glazing Options
    Acrylic Clear, White, or SatinIce*

    *Satinice glazing available up to 60" or less
  • Finish Options

    Frame finish: PVC, white interior and bronze exterior
    Retainer frame finish: Aluminum/mill

    VELUX offers a variety of architectural finishes with FEVE and polyester powder coatings, PVDF, and anodized to meet AAMA specifications. Copper cladding is also available.