Daylight Visualizer

VELUX Daylight Visualizer is a professional lighting simulation tool for the analysis of daylight conditions in buildings. It is intended to promote the use of daylight and to aid professionals by predicting and documenting daylight levels and appearance of a space prior to realization of the building design.

The difference between VELUX Daylight Visualizer and other 3D programs

With the Daylight Visualizer, you can make more informed decisions about daylight performance in your architectural design. The Daylight Visualizer permits you to accurately simulate and quantify daylight levels in interiors, whereas other 3D visualization programs only generate images, without information about the quantity and quality of light in a given space.

Calculating Daylighting Factors

With the Daylight Visualizer, calculating daylight factor is the most commonly used performance indicator for the evaluation and specification of daylight conditions in buildings. The daylighting factor evaluates the amount and distribution of diffuse light in the building in relation to the amount of diffuse light available outside under cloudy sky conditions, and is expressed as a percentage. Daylight factor levels are usually determined on a plan view and at work-plane height.

Create or import 3D models

The Daylight Visualizer includes an embedded modeling tool to generate 3D models in which roof and facade windows can be freely inserted. It can also import 3D models directly from your CAD program (Autocad, Revit, SketchUp, Archicad and more) with the following supported 3D file formats DWG, DXF, SKP and OBJ.