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Roof hatch skylight (CVA)

CVA - commercial roof access skylight

The CVA skylight is a durable venting skylight with egress capabilities providing full roof access. With its access hardware and maintenance-free PVC liner, this skylight is especially well suited for flat roof access in commercial spaces and high density housing.

Heavy-duty construction
The CVA skylight is constructed of a heavy-duty welded aluminum hatch with a mill finish.

Thermal insulation
The CVA skylight is insulated with a heavy wall white 1 1/8" PVC curb liner, providing a full thermal break for maximum energy efficiency.

Weathertight dome
The CVA skylight features a double dome seal. The acrylic double dome is available in clear over clear, clear over white, white over clear and bronze over clear.

Fast and easy installation
The CVA skylight is constructed to allow quick and easy curb mounted installation.

Egress hardware
The CVA skylight egress hardware allows easy access to the roof. Durable chains prevent the dome from hitting the roof.

Available sizes
The CVA skylight is available in common four sizes. For details, download the commercial product sizes, or contact us at 1-888-878-3589. Due to local sales tax, transportation and delivery costs that may vary, please consult your local VELUX dealer for pricing.

The skylight shall be an acrylic domed skylight, VELUX model CVA, manufactured by VELUX America, 450 Old Brickyard Road, Greenwood, SC 29648, 888-878-3589. The skylight shall be a factory-assembled, curb mounted unit welded using a 6063 extruded aluminum retaining angle and a maintenance-free PVC interior providing a leak-proof design. The skylight will provide full egress hardware providing access to the roof. It shall include a full polyurethane thermal break and weep system to minimize condensation. The skylight shall be double domed with [clear acrylic] [bronze acrylic] [white acrylic] over [clear] [white] acrylic.