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Electric venting skylight (VCE)

VCE Designed for curb mounted installations, the VCE electric venting skylight is the ideal for light commercial and multifamily applications. It brings in abundant natural light and with the touch of a button, opens to let in fresh air. And if you forget to close it, the VCE also closes automatically in case of rain.


Product details


Pre-installed electrical components
The VCE curb mounted skylight comes with a pre-installed concealed motor, control system, and a rain sensor that automatically close your skylight during inclement weather.

Convenient remote control
The VCE electric venting skylight opens and closes quickly and quietly from anywhere in the room using a standard slimline remote control (included). The KLI 110 wall mounted keypad is also available.

Simple installation
The VCE skylight is designed for quick installation on site-built curbs. It installs right out of the box using a single 14 gauge hard wire that connects into a standard junction box. 20 feet of wire is included.

Quality construction
The VCE skylight is constructed with maintenance free white frames and sashes that insulates and strengthens the unit. An insect screen, a stainless steel chain operator and aluminum cladding are also included.

Weathertight installation
The VCE is designed for simple and weathertight installation on site-built curbs. It features factory applied gaskets that seal out wind and water to create a weathertight installation.

Maximum ventilation
The rugged VELUX operator that comes pre-installed on the VCE opens wide for maximum ventilation.

Glass options 
Laminated - Tempered safety glass with extra laminated pane for added safety and comfort
Snowload glass - For high elevations with snow load code requirements 
White laminated glass - Tempered, laminated safety glass with a white coating to provide diffused lighting

Installation slope
The VCE skylight installs on site-built curbs with slopes between 0° (0:12) and 60° (20:12).

Warranties you can trust
We stand behind our products with a promise of lasting service. Our warranty covers 20 years on insulated glass seal, 10 years on the skylight and 5 years on the electronics. For details, download our warranty brochure.