Pinnacle - Octagonal Pyramid

Custom Configured Structural Skylights for Dramatic, Cost-Effective Designs

Most common applications:

  • Hotel and conference centers
  • Retail and shopping malls
  • Airport and railway stations

Key benefits:

  • A metal frame capable of spanning 40' in width
  • Hinge design with infinitely variable pitch angles between 15° and 60°
  • Choose the Pinnacle 350, 600, or 900 for aluminum rafter tube depths from 3.5" to 9" – the 350 can support spans of up to 18' wide, while the 900 can span up to 40'
  • Available with high-performance glazing technology and a wide array of finish options

Bowie Gridley Architects, PLLC - Octagonal Pyramid
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Product Details

  • Sizes
    Framing System Support Spans Up To* Aluminum Rafter Tube Depth
    Pinnacle 350 18′ Wide 3.5″
    Pinnacle 600 30′ Wide 6″
    Pinnacle 900 40′ Wide 9″
    Pinnacle HU (Hurricane) 15′ Wide 3.5″ or 6″
    *Approximate span widths depending on configuration and load.
    HU tested to meet 80 psf design pressure, and small and large missile impact. Available with laminated or insulating glazing.