Co-creation with Foster + Partners

VELUX modular skylights are the result of several years of research and design by VELUX and Foster + Partners.

The combination of technology, innovation, imagination and expertise has created a flexible and beautiful skylight system that transforms any space into something special.

Rooflight solution with Ridgelight 5° with beams, ATP, Vordingborg, Denmark

Pushing the boundaries for daylight design

Explore the design philosophy with Paul Kalkhoven, Foster + Partners, and Brent Møller, VELUX

Uniting in a shared vision to bring daylight and fresh air into commercial buildings, the VELUX Group and Foster + Partners developed VELUX modular skylights.

Intelligent design

Explore design features with Mike Holland, Foster + Partners

Creating a slim, lightweight and elegant skylight solution with integrated motor and blinds. With or without sun shading or venting modules, the intelligent design makes the skylights appear identical. 

The modular principle

Explore the advantages of modularity with Stephan Verkuijlen, Foster + Partners

Designing an innovative skylight concept that allows daylight deep into the heart of a building. The prefabricated modules offer fast installation and the perfect fit of the modules ensures a watertight roof. 

Material performance

Explore the material performance with Stephan Verkuijlen, Foster + Partners

Inventing a new composite material that outperforms aluminium and steel in energy performance and tensile strength. The composite creates a strong, robust profile with a service life of up to 40 years.