Key Benefits

Get insights and inspiration for the design and installation of VELUX modular skylights

From design to installation, our prefabricated, modular skylights offer a number of advantages.
In these videos, you can explore the key benefits of our products, such as design features, material performance and installation process.

1. Minimalist and functional product design

The curved shape of the slim skylight profiles maximises the flow of daylight into the building.

The built-in, hidden actuator ensures that there is no visual difference between fixed and venting modules when the modules are closed.

2. What you draw is what you get

The minimalist design of VELUX modular skylights enables fast and intuitive design in your drawing program.  A simple sketch will look like the final construction. 

CAD/BIM tools are available for download to your favourite software so that you can start designing the glass roof right away.

3. One seamless solution

VELUX modular skylights come as a turnkey solution, consisting of prefabricated skylight modules with customised flashings, integrated insulation and also the option to include pre-mounted blinds and an integrated rain and wind sensor.

Rooflight solution with prefabricated modules, flashings, integrated motor and white roller blinds

4. Great material performance

The main structural profiles consist of pultruded composite material (80% fibreglass and 20% polyurethane).

The composite guarantees high energy performance and thermal stability as well as excellent flexural strength.  The strength of the composite profiles allows roof installations of considerable size and weight.

The material is maintenance-free, non-corrosive and electrically non-conductive.

5. Prefabrication leads to better performance

The skylights are fabricated offsite, enabling complete control of every aspect of production and testing. The result is consistent high quality, optimum performance and long-term durability once installed.

6. Three times faster installation

The VELUX Modular Skylight system can be quickly and easily installed in all weather conditions.

With the unique bracket system, each individual module can be installed within minutes, including flashing and cladding.

We know from installers, that the mounting of our modular skylights is 2-3 times faster than traditional on-site assembly of glass roofs.