Step Longlight/Ridgelight

Multiple rows of skylight modules connected to create a large glass roof.

Suitable for:

  • Flat roof
  • Flat roofing material
  • Roof opening extra large
  • Rooflight installation pitch 5-25° 

Key benefits:

  • Prefabricated solution for large, glazed roofs
  • Elegant design with option of slim beams between the rows/steps
  • Maximum daylight through the roof
Step Longlight skylights solution
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  • In short

    The Step Longlight and Step Ridgelight solutions enable great daylight design in buildings with large, open atriums. 

    The solution consists of multiple rows of VELUX modular skylights connected as Step Longlights 5-25°, Step Ridgelights 25° or as Step Ridgelight 5-25° on Girder.

    The rows are connected by a factory finished flashing that ensures drainage of water between the rows. The rows must be supported by structural beams on the inside of the building.

    VELUX modular skylights are delivered with a 10-year guarantee on modules and flashings.

    VELUX skylight specialists offer support throughout design, specification and installation, including design of structural beams. Please note that beams and sub-constructions are not included in the VELUX delivery.

    Learn more about sub-constructions

    By spring 2019, the Step solution will be available as part of our standard product programme. Before that, please contact us to discuss possibilities.

    Illustration of Step Longlight

    Step Longlight 5-25°


    Illustration of Step Ridgelight

    Step Ridgelight 25°


    Illustration of Step Ridge on Girder

    Step Ridgelight 5-25° on Girder


  • Functions and sizes

    Kynar 500 – Baked Enamel

    Fixed skylight module

    1. Fixed skylight module 

    Motorized comfort venting skylight module

    2. Motorized comfort venting skylight module opens up to 410mm 

    Motorized smoke venting skylight module opens up to 700mm in less than 60 seconds

    3. Motorized smoke venting skylight module opens up to 700mm in less than 60 seconds 

    VELUX modular skylights require the following minimum and maximum measurements:

    1. Module width: 675-1000 mm
    2. Module height: 600-3000 mm 



    See size possibilities for fixed, comfort and smoke venting modules.
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    Warning triangle

    Venting skylight modules have a recommended minimum installation height of 2.5 m above floor level (inside) and ground level (outside).
    In case of installation below that level, safety measures must be applied by the installer/user to prevent serious injury.

  • Details
    VELUX modular skylight system is a turnkey solution comprising prefabricated skylight modules with dedicated claddings, flashings and vapour barrier connection strip to allow for design of watertight rooflight and glass roof structures.

    Comfort ventilation is possible via an integrated chain actuator that can be controlled with VELUX INTEGRA® system or with your preferred building management system. Smoke ventilation can only be controlled with your preferred building management system.

    For optimal daylight and heat control consider internal roller blinds that can be pre-mounted from the factory.
    Pre-fabricated VELUX Modular Skylights

    Pre-fabricated modular skylights from VELUX come with perfectly matching cladding, flashing and roller blinds. 

  • Glazing
    Get CAD/BIM objects for all major software platforms and find the right specification, product details and material information.
    Glazing units for VELUX modular skylights

    All glazing units come with step glass on the outer side to ensure water tightness (class E1200, EN 12208:2000).  

  • Performance

    The VELUX modular skylight profiles (sash and frame) are made of pultruded fiberglass (80%) and polyurethane composite (20%). The composite material provides high insulation performance and thermal stability as well as excellent profile stiffness and bending strength.  

    Due to the concept of prefabrication, we are able to test our products extensively against all thinkable hazards and stressful events. Tests are performed in controlled environments in accordance with harmonized standards for both Windows and doors and for Smoke and Heat control systems.
    Pre-fabricated VELUX modular skylights come with low energy glazing units to achieve low overall U-value

    In combination with low energy glazing units, the modular skyligths are able to achieve one of the lowest overall U-values for frame and glazing assembly in the skylight market (Uw values down to 0.86 W(m2/K)).