Retaining the charm and historic feel of the building, but also creating a sense of community with a brighter work environment

The historic Beaumont Mill is deeply rooted in the city of Spartanburg in South Carolina’s Piedmont region. The mill consisted of two large, two-story brick buildings constructed parallel to each other and were connected to create one massive manufacturing facility. The mill shut down in 1997.

Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System, decided to renovate the building as the new home to its administrative departments, which previously were located in separate buildings around the city.

Where the two original buildings were connected, it created a deep, dark space. The architects knew skylights would be an ideal solution both on a functional and a symbolic level by placing them in the roof over the space that connected the two original buildings. The VMS system was the most cost-effective skylight solution for the project in terms of product price, and labor and time needed for installation.

With the plug-and-play installation method VMS provides, it significantly increases the speed of installation without jeopardizing the integrity of the overall system. JP Ross & Co. installed 90 skylight units on pre-built curbs in just five hours. On the second day of the installation only two people were needed to attach claddings and flashings. Using the VMS system resulted in a clean look with 15 rows of six skylight units each running lengthwise down the center of the roof.

Daylight fills the central corridor and employees who used to rely on phone calls and email to collaborate now feel truly part of one, unified team.



Products used in project

15 x Longlight


A mono-pitched solution ideal for flat roofs

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Quantity of modules: 90


A mono-pitched solution ideal for flat roofs

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