Dynamic Dome

A revolution in commercial skylights

Dynamic in form and function, the Dynamic Dome commercial skylight is architecturally striking and engineered to harvest more early morning and late afternoon daylight than its competitors, allowing a building's lights to remain off for nearly an extra hour per day.

Most common applications:

  • Manufacturing centers
  • Warehouse and distribution centers
  • Airport and railroad stations
  • Sport facilities

Key benefits:

  • Engineered to closely match the angles of the sun during low-light periods in order to harvest more sunlight to transfer indoors
  • Utilizes a fail-safe proprietary wicking system that evacuates condensation to the exterior of the skylight
  • 100% thermally broken skylight frame to isolate interior surfaces from exterior temperatures
  • Based off the geometry of a octahedron, VELUX Dynamic Dome offers uncompromising strength with stunning architectural design

Dynamic Dome Skylight
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Product Details

  • Features
    The VELUX Dynamic Dome stands out among the rest thanks to its unique daylighting features, including:
    1. Sustainability - The new design of a fully assembled 5'x6' Dynamic Dome sees a product carbon footprint reduction of 7.4%.

    2. Smooth Outer Dome - The new prismatic outer dome design of the Dynamic Dome transmits 20% more light into spaces below.

    3. White Prismatic Inner Dome - The smooth inner dome achieves 100% light diffusion and is available for larger size needs or to meet HVHZ code requirements.

    4. Sidewall of Dome - Masterfully designed to match the angles of the sun in the morning and afternoon hours (lower light periods) to improve light transmittance.

    5. Impenetrable Water Protection - The combination of two layers of InstantGlaze sealants ensures a fully watertight design.

    6. Glazer Spacer - Clear evacuation path for any moisture that may form in between the domes.

    7. One Piece Aluminum Frame - Improved Frame Strength and thermal performance from previous two-piece frame design.

    8. PVC Thermal Break - The unique two-way function of the PVC inner frame provides a 100% thermal break, as well as a water management system, evacuating all moisture to the exterior.

      • Dry installation - no curb sealants or tape needed
      • Combined Wicking System - Absorbs moisture from the inner frame to evacuate to the exterior

    Dynamic Dome Features